Review of Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum

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Amazon Price: $699.99 $389.20 You save: $310.79 (44%). (as of April 21, 2019 1:26 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Effective robotic cleaning on rugs and also hard floors the powerful Essential is a powerful robotic vacuum that cleans up both rugs as well as tough floors. Its signature attributes include; powerful robotic vacuum, visionary mapping plus system, and also cyclone force cleaning style. The effective Essential flaunts 10x extra effective suction compared to the leading Robot vacuum brand name as well as its easy pass wheels roll over many challenges without obtaining caught. You could utilize the consisted of remote control to conveniently manage all functions without touching the powerful! the visionary mapping plus system creates a total map of your the home of discover the ideal cleaning path making cleaning very effective. In addition, wise picking up usages ten sensing unit as well as onboard digital video camera to decrease running into furnishings as well as avoid obstacles.

Customer Reviews

Best robot vacuum we’ve used in 10 years and between three major brands!

 on July 11, 2016
By Jon & Vanessa W
Full Disclosure – I did not buy this from Amazon, but rather found one in a local overstock store. However, my experience warranted me reviewing it on here for other potential buyers.

Not for me

 on December 23, 2015
I have to admit that I was a bit concerned that almost every Amazon review of the Powerbot was a Vine reviewer. Despite that, I chose to go ahead, and purchased this direct through Samsung as part of the promo package that includes the free cannister vacuum. I’ve owned a Roomba in the past so I am familiar with this type of vacuum.

Great addition and fun to watch. I think my dog enjoys the company too

 on May 9, 2017
By KC581
Great vacuum, it scans the room and actually vacuums in lines! Sometimes my dog thinks it is comical to run over to sit in front of “Sammy” (as I named my vacuum as many others had) and he stops right up next to her and scoots right around her, she’ll move and then he’ll go back and vacuum the spot where she was. One con is I’ve never actually had the vacuum indicate that the collection bin is full. So I just empty it while it is going. He gets lost occasionally on his way home when his batteries are low, but not all too often, typically only when there are obstacles in his way. Generally the less obstacles, the better he does. Otherwise it is a great vacuum and well worth the money.

Samsung Powerbot R9020

 on March 31, 2018
By Joanna Mong
If it had more stars, I’d give it more. Let me first start by saying, the sellar we bought it from was quick to ship it out. The packaging was nice and tight packing. When I notified them and Samsung that the remote wasn’t working, both were to quick to help. Still waiting for a replacement. We spent several weeks doing research on the best ibot vs cost etc. And Samsung has far out did our expectations on this product.

Solid Product

 on January 12, 2016
By Anthony Puleo
Use this vac every day. It’s got strong suction, good navigation control, and is a HUGE convenience. The occasional minor hassle of having to free the vac when it gets stuck or guiding it home when it gets lost is nothing compared to the convenience of having clean floors with little effort. If you feel your time is better spent in more valuable activities than vacuuming floors, then you will not have regrets with this vac.

It is nice to be able to have the house vacuumed automagically

 on October 1, 2017
By Andreas G.
It is nice to be able to have the house vacuumed automagically. This Powerbot does not seem to learn, or remember where it left off from. It seems to have a difficult time to find the base station. It can be about a foot away from the base station, and still roam around a room, or two before it will return to it. Sometimes it does some strange things, maneuvers, while it is cleaning a room. It is not as intelligent as I thought it was going to be. It might start off in a room, but then leave it, and it not return to it for a long while. So even though the one hour battery life is enough for my sized house (1363 sqf), the R9020 will not be able to finish it all of the time because of the strange movements it will make. There are times when it will push on something so hard, like a plant, that it will move it, instead of realizing that it has hit an object it should just move on from. Videos I have watched seem to indicate that it will barely touch an object and then move on, that is not how mine seems to be responding.

Works great for a home with three small kids, four dogs, and two cats!

 on August 9, 2017
By Elizabeth A. Nicholson
I picked this samsung over a roomba because it had better ratings on consumer reports. I have had it for a couple months now and I have to say I love it! I live in a big house with seven people, four dogs, and two cats. I’m always amazed at how thorough this vacuum is for how small it is. It really does have a strong vacuum. At first, I noticed it had trouble finding it’s home when it was done, however, the longer we have it the better it gets (maybe it learns better over time? Plus we did move it’s home base once). It can run for a good 2-3 hours when it is fully charged. I do have to empty the bin while it’s going sometimes but this is usually due to our dog hair (again- 4 dogs). If I run it daily I don’t notice this as much. The only thing I’m sad about is that I only have one. I really wish I had one on every floor! But it’s really not hard to pick up and take to another floor if needed. It does a pretty good job maneuvering around furniture. It does struggle to get under our kitchen chairs sometimes. It does get stuck occasionally but this is pretty rare and if it’s a bad stick then it turns itself off (rather than keep trying to run and hurt itself). If you have kids or pets you will absolutely love this! We nicknamed ours and my kids fight over who gets to turn him on when I get home from work. I do still vacuum occasionally to get the tough corners or under things like the couch. I use this on both hard floors and carpet.

easy to clean,works great

 on January 25, 2018
By Rev.Howard
just like the refurbished one I bought that worked great for 3 times, this one has now been used for 10 times now and after sending back the refurbished Samsung 9020 I bought a different brand but it didn’t work as well as the refurbished Samsung so I bought a new Samsung 9020 when your on disability $420.00 is a lot of money but this way I can keep my floor clean all the time and all I have to do is push a button, 13 ruptured

Review Of Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum
Review Of Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum

Review Of Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum

Review Of Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum