Review of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    iLife A6 Robotic Vacuum: In Depth Review
  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    ILIFE A6 vs Xiaomi Robot Vacuum: Comparison, Features and Cleaning Test
  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Review
  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    iLife A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner | Unboxing and full review | best budget robot vacuum?
  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    ILIFE A6 Review: Features and Cleaning Test
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  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review
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    ILIFE A6 Home Cleaning Robot Review, Battery test,Welcome to the Era of Home Automation !!!
  • Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing and Demostration
Amazon Price: $399.99 (as of April 21, 2019 3:55 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
  • The Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage system enhanced to delivery thorough clean for your home.
  • Ultra slim A6 goes into most narrow low places under beds, night stands to clean hide dirt.
  • Extra long lasting Battery – Up to 100 Mins working time on a single charge
  • Use Electrowall as an invisible barrier to confine A6 cleaning in a particular area you want.
  • Automatically adapts to different types such as hardwood, low-pile carpets
Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A whole new home cleaning level

ILIFE A6 introduces the advanced Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system.The 10X suction by Gen 2 motor easily picks up dust, pet hair and large debris. With a super thin 2.8 inches body design,A6 can perfectly fit under most furniture, like beds and sofas. The Li-on battery with 100 minutes lifespan per charge is specially designed for large home. Detection features prevent drops and obstacles and allows users to create a more customized cleaning plan.

Gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system

Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The gen 2 CyclonePower 3-stage cleaning system provides a thorough clean for homes. The advanced spinning side brush sweeps debris into its path to catch dirt and dust hiding along the walls. High-grade spiral brush extracts dirts that is hard to clean and the powerful suction absorbs the rest.  Large dirt bin prevents the filter from clogging and maintain powerful suction.

Tangle Free Technology

Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Deep cleaning BladeAway spiral blade rubber brush has the high-powered dirt pickup capability and can handle all floor surfaces

Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum CleanerElegance is Attitude
2.8 inch low profile body with tempered glass cover,and sleek jet black finish.
Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum CleanerExtra-Long lasting Battery
Up to 100 Mins working time on a single charge
Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum CleanerElectrowall
The advanced dual mode Electrowall creates an invisible barrier that A6 won’t cross. That makes it easy to confine A6 to a particular room or area, and prevent it from getting too close to anything delicate or dangerous.

Just a few notes, this is going to be quite a long review that compares to the A4 as I already have that model. The left wheel on the A4 stopped working about 10 months after purchase so I thought I might as well go for an upgrade as I really liked the A4. Also, I realized the other day that it was still under warranty so I contacted their customer service to see if I can get it fixed. My thoughts on that process is below as well.

First, this model is definitely an improvement over the A4. It’s not a life changing improvement but an improvement nonetheless over some important aspects. There are certain things that remained the same and a few things that got worse IMO, but those are very few and might not even matter much to you.

Second, if you are not familiar with how these vacuums work, here are some basic cleaning mode info for this and probably other similar vacuums of this type (all modes are shown in the video):
Auto Mode (press the “Play/Pause” button and it will start to clean automatically, you can also schedule this to run on a daily basis at a specific time)
Manual Mode (you can manually move the vacuum by pressing the 4 directional buttons on the remote control)
Spot Mode (to clean a specific spot, press the “target” button on the remote, and it will keep rotating out in a spiral to clean that area, until it hits an object)
Edge mode (press the button that has the square with an arrow and it will head for the nearest edge or wall and start to clean along the perimeter of your home).


Runs extremely quiet on normal mode, slightly louder on max mode. However, keep in mind that you will need to clean the brushes on a regular basis to maintain the low noise level.

The Virtual Wall works really well. The signal seems to pass through solid objects as well. The vacuum will move in a wave pattern instead of straight like along an invisible straight wall. Also, the Invisible Wall block itself seems to emit a “bubble” so the vacuum will avoid it in a circular shape (you can see this in the video).

Edge mode works better than the A4. It can go through the whole perimeter of my home without going off course. A4 seemed to break course once in a while.

Moves much closer to walls and edges than the A4 does, thereby cleaning the edges near walls and objects much better.

The rotating brush is definitely better on this than on the A4. It is now bristle-less so it doesn’t trap dust in the bristles and it’s easily washable. Also, it can be taken apart (mostly) to clean the hairs trapped in the rotating mechanism.

HEPA filter now has an additional filter on it for added filtration of dust. the additional filter works so well that barely any dust even gets onto the HEPA filter.


Nice and sleek looking glossy glass surface on top but very easy to see dust on top of it (see pics). Doesn’t look very pretty after just one cleaning. Not very appealing, aesthetically. I use a Swiffer duster to clean it once in a while.

Slightly longer run time, quieter operation, very slightly shorter in height but at the same time much heavier compared to the A4, probably due to the glass surface area on top.

Rubber bumper is helpful in protecting furniture but gets dusty easily and very hard to clean dust off. Also not very appealing aesthetically.

There is a vent on the right side that blows air out. Might be used as an exhaust to cool down the internals. However, it is a pretty strong wind so I feel like it might be unintentionally blowing dust around.

The operating time is about the same as the A4, maybe ~30min more, but they both can go for 2-3 hours at a time.


The left bristle brush somehow got caught inside the gap of the bumper and shut off. This never happened on the A4. However, this only happened once and was probably just a freak incident due to the way it hit my low-pile rug.

Still slams into dark colored furniture/objects pretty hard.

Dust bin seems slightly smaller than a4 and still have to be pretty careful when pulling it out to avoid spilling dust everywhere. Also, harder to clean now because it has more edges and surfaces.

This happened only once so far but it had some pretty major trouble going over a certain spot of our bathroom’s marble transition strip. The A4 always struggled with this a little bit but it would eventually (after 10 seconds or so) either go over it or just back up and go somewhere else. This model would go over it but get stuck halfway and would be stuck there indefinitely.

Still has trouble with table legs and when chairs are close together around a table. It seems to be trapped in its own endless maze and keeps going around them over and over.


Be sure to clean out the rotating brush regularly. Hair can really get trapped in there (see pic with the hair in my hand), causing the operational noises to be louder.

Compared to A4, the height is maybe 1 or 2mm shorter I think, which could be a good thing depending on your home. For me, it keeps getting trapped under my computer chair due to that slightly shorter height.

Customer service was very helpful and easy to deal with in replacing the defective wheel for my A4. At this moment, I am still awaiting delivery of the part as it does have to ship out from China.

Customer Reviews

Good so far – UPDATE – And getting better and better

 on April 4, 2017
I received my iLife A6 today and after charging I sent it on its first mission. I recently installed tile (white) in my kitchen. I have two Black Labs. It’s easy to imagine the resulting mess of black hair all over the tile. I have Eureka mini-vac that has done a nice job of keeping the floor clean by vacuuming twice a day with it (about 10 minutes per run). My A6 headed out on its way. People are correct in that its pattern of cleaning will drive you a little nutty if you watch it. It’s hard not to watch, so I watched it anyway. It did a very nice job of picking up the dog hair and dust bunnies. Surprising me a little is when it went under the dining room table and chairs. I have a circular white and black rug under the table and chairs. The black is random on the rug and does confuse the A6 a little, but in all runs over the rug it eventually finds a way out and back onto the tile. I also have a gray with black square pattern rug going down one wall to the doggie door. The A6 has absolutely no problem with this rug, vacuuming without any directional problems at all. I ran the A6 for only about 15 minutes and it covered almost the entire kitchen floor. Quite by accident I had set the daily schedule for 3:30pm and had parked the A6 on its charger at 3:27pm. At 3:30pm it kicked on and started to vacuum again. I hit the off button and put it back on its charger. It’s difficult to guess if the A6 is learning how the floor is laid out or if it’s truly just random and eventually gets everywhere. The bumping is very mild against the wall and furniture. The only issue I’ve had, and I’ve only run it once is that it didn’t find its way back to its charger. I had to put it back manually. However – I am not following the instructions for clearance of the charging station. I simply don’t have a wall that has enough free left/right space for the charger to set without my dogs eventually stepping on the A6. That’s minor though as I can always put it back on its charging station if I can’t find a place for it to park itself. From what I’ve seen so far, if there are no mechanical problems, I believe the A6 will give me back some of my time spent vacuuming each day.

Move over iRobot, here comes iLife

 on February 5, 2017
By tobycth3
I’ve had several Roombas over the years. Each was an improvement over the other. Most recently I had a 550 series with the Thinking Cleaner wifi integration so I could control it via SmartThings. At that time I thought I had a pretty amazing setup, until I started researching iLife. Granted I came from an older model, so I can’t compare this to the newer 800/900 series (except for that their pice and model number happened to coincide).

Jury Is Still Out, but QUIETEST Unit I’ve Seen

 on June 17, 2017
By Amazon Customer
A little background; I bought one of the original iRobot Roombas back when they were first introduced. Our home was mostly tile and hardwood on the first floor level. We had carpet in the bedroom and bedroom and large area rugs. His name was Max, my wife loved him and he kept the house immaculate with almost no intervention. My primary complaints were cost compared to an upright vac and batteries that had to be replaced yearly. The batteries were not cheap. Max eventually died and was replaced by Son of Max. He lasted about 2 years and the cost for repair exceeded the value. We gave a new kid on the block a shot, BobSweep. Bob was larger than Max 1 or 2 and was not nearly as smart, but he had a huge dust bin and ran a long time. Eventually Bob lost a wheel and we replaced him with an upgrade. The upgrade never performed well enough to keep him. He got stuck in the most odd places and NEVER made it back to the charging station on his on. We finally gave up and sent him back to Bobland.

honest review…. love/hate relationship!

 on November 14, 2017
By Chelsea W.
I read a bunch of reviews and really had to look into my options with the robo vacuums. I settled on this one because of the price and had really great reviews. I’ve had mine since the beginning of July and have a love/hate relationship with my robo vacuum. This is my honest review so it may be nit picky.

does a good job, won’t vacuum in a wide area around the charger and clogs up when the dust bin’s still mostly empty

 on May 1, 2017
By hk
Note – this is an update to the rest of the review, below. I dropped it to 3 stars because the location of the filter prevents the vacuum from being able to fill the dust bin. The filter is located near the intake opening, so dirt backs up against the filter and quickly blocks the way to most of the storage bin. This means I’m emptying the dust bin every few minutes. When the entrance is clogged this way, the vacuum begins leaving clumps of hair and dirt behind, even though the dust bin is still mostly empty. It’s another reason not to leave this thing untended when it’s operating. If I didn’t have a dog maybe that wouldn’t happen – but isn’t having a dog one of the reasons for needing a robotic vacuum?

Awesome Reasonably Priced RoboVac

 on October 22, 2017
By Heather
I have been hesitant to buy a RoboVac for various reasons such as my handheld vacuum works just fine and I always wondered if my pets hair will clog it up. I choose this one because of the price and good reviews. I couldn’t be more happy that I pulled the trigger on this purchase. It saves so much time out of my day not having to worry about vacuuming daily. With the A6 iLife RoboVac, you can program a specific time daily that you would like to vacuum, and get this… the vacuum returns to the charging station by itself! You can also control the vacuum with the included remote or simply use the on/off switch located directly on the vacuum so there is something for everyone’s preference. You also don’t need to worry about changing the bags, because there are none. I simply empty the plastic container daily and you are good to go to pick up more dust and dirt around your house. I have had no problems picking up pet hair, my long hair or having to worry about clogging the vacuum. It has hairs that stick out beyond the size of the vacuum that look like mini sweepers but they are actually sensors so that the vacuum can move around freely without bumping into walls or other barriers. If you would like to use your vacuum upstairs but are worried about it falling down the stairs, there is an included device that acts as an invisible line to prevent your RoboVac from falling down the stairs and getting damaged. The package comes with the manual, an extra set of sensors, a remote, the barrier device, a small brush to clean it out and two interchangeable brush heads. One is rubber and the other has bristles. I am so happy with this purchase! I only wish I had bought it sooner.

I am very happy with the suction and haven’t had issues with missing …

 on August 5, 2017
By Ciked™
I purchased this to help save some time since we have a new baby. I was skeptical at first but decided to purchase after hearing glowing reviews from a trusted friend. I have to say that this vacuum has surpassed my expectations. It has a modern look with a sleek coating. In order to keep the shine I clean the outside a few times a week. Battery life is more than adequate for our needs. It has a bumper on it to protect furniture and other obstacles from becoming scuffed if bumped. The settings take some getting used to but if you follow the manual than it is self explanatory. I am very happy with the suction and haven’t had issues with missing spots. I have a pet and it picks up her hair. The device is easy to empty and clean. I can’t say how thrilled I am. My only regret is not jumping on this band waggon sooner. In fact I love it so much that I went ahead and purchased the mother in law one for her birthday coming up.

Toy Destroyer 9000

 on October 23, 2017
By Nathan
**UPDATE** As of 2-16-2018 this no longer works. One day I smelled the smell of burning electronics, the robot even supposed to be running, but it rolled itself off the charger and just started spinning in circles. It felt very hot over one of the tires and the tire was not spinning. I think the motor burned up. I had just replaced all the filters and was pretty consistent with cleaning hair and whatnot from it.

Great battery life, but terrible small dustbin design holds it back. Definitely not for households with pets.

 on July 13, 2017
By Andrew
Edit: Updating from 2 stars to 5 stars due to stellar customer service from ILIFE. They sent me an A4S free of charge without returning the A6 because they thought it would be a better fit for my house. They were right! The A4S has a better dustbin design where the chute does not clog if you have a lot of pet fur. That level of customer service cannot be beaten and I will definitely buy another ILIFE robot if/when I want another robot to clean another part of the house.

Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Review Of ILIFE A6 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner