Review of BLACK+DECKER HRV420BP07 SMARTECH Lithium Pet Robotic Vacuum

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  • Black & Decker SMARTECH Pet Self-Cleaning Robotic Vacuum w/HEPA Filter on QVC
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The black+decker HRV425B07 smartech lithium household animal robotic vacuum – maintaining simply got easier! quickly control and schedule your vacuum with black+decker cellphone app. This vac includes an XL dustbin that holds 2x more pet hair and dirt than the rivals, so you can clean up more in between empties. The additional broad brush bar tidies up more area per pass than the leading Robot vacuum in the market, and an anti-tangle bristles capture persistent animal hair. This system minimizes irritants and irritants and catches 99.96% of animal dander and dust (> > 0.3 or higher) with a high-performance HEPA filter. You can select from 3 cleaning modes to fit your requirements: location clean, fast and vehicle or choose handbook Own for total control of the cleaning area. Autosense right away changes suction power from hard floor coverings to carpet, so you get more power when you need it and the lithium ion battery enhances effectiveness with roughly 90 minutes of runtime. Picking up systems identify stairs and other drop-offs, then it right away docks and charges so it ' s gotten ready for the nextcleaning Include: 1) robotic vacuum, 1) charging base, 1) battery charger, 4) side Sweepers, 2) filters, 1) animal anti-tangle brush bar, 1) brush cleaning tool, 1) screwdriver.

Customer Reviews

Good value but underwhelming

 on June 14, 2017
By John G
While it’s priced well I’m underwhelmed so far with this robot vacuum. I’ve tried others before (Roomba 860, Neeto) and felt they did a better overall job cleaning. I was also disappointed that when Black & Decker announced this new line of robot vacuums in January 2017 the main “news” was that the robot would compress the dirt into easy-to-throw-away discs; apparently this feature was dropped, even though it was promoted heavily as the main new feature. It does have a larger capacity than other robot vacuums, but it comes at the expense of being higher than others (meaning it can’t get under couches that the others can). The main cleaning issue I have is when it transitions from carpet to wood floor it drops a dust bunny and doesn’t always go back for it – ended up with a number of them left on otherwise nicely vacuumed floor. In summary, despite being new it doesn’t seem to have advantages over other brands except price; its clearly a good value but not a great one.

This is a real time-saver!

 on October 16, 2017
By Marianne Gillaspie
I’ve named it Moonshadow because it arrived the exact same time that the eclipse started. Anyway, I like that I can do other things around my condo while my floor is being vacuumed. It’s great for hardwood floors and easily adjusts to short pile carpeting. I now run it about twice a week instead of vacuuming once or twice a year.

No substitute for a real vacuum cleaner

 on June 22, 2018
By P. Shepherd
This robotic vacuum does pick up dust and dirt in the areas it covers. However, the pattern it follows around a room is so random that large areas are completely missed. It also got stuck on the 1/4″ edge of a rug and stayed there whirring its brushes until I manually moved it. I had hoped it would work well enough that I could turn it on and leave it to do its work on my mainly laminate floors, but it is easier just to get out my canister vac and do the job myself. I was disappointed, and returned it..

Solved the problem

 on June 2, 2018
By Doog
Great vacuum! Pet hair was the problem and this was the solution. We programmed it to run at the same time daily and USUALLY we come home to a nice vacuumed floor. Occasionally it will get stuck on a throw rug and sometimes it gets confused going back to its base but overall we are completely satisfied with it and we got it for a great price!

Reconsider if you have fringed carpets!

 on July 5, 2018
By Amazon Customer
I think if I had a different kind of home I might love this little robot, but it sure didn’t know what to do when it encountered the fringe on my carpets! That being said, it seemed to handle the carpet with short fringe fine, but for most of my carpets, it was no go. On the plus side, I’m giving it four stars because (1) it’s so easy to operate right out of the box, (2) the instructions are clear and easy to understand, (3) I love the Black & Decker app to manage the vacuum (and includes everything else about it you might want or need to know, including a copy of the instruction book) and (4) the lights on the LED version are just plain cool! I can’t evaluate its cleaning ability since it didn’t make it too far before encountering the troublesome fringe. I bought this robotic vac because my sister was so pleased with her B&D, and her experience with it has been super.

Best robotic vacuum

 on June 29, 2018
By Dee Owers
I love it!!! It picks up everything, and when it goes in my room on the carpet- it leaves it looking brand new! I just empty mine after it finishes, so every time I use it I empty it. It can run until it is out of battery and I don’t have to empty till it is done (that is covering my living room, dining area, kitchen, hallway, and bedroom)– and I have a Hairy Siberian Husky. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Price was right. Works as advertised

 on May 26, 2018
By calclerkret
Two trial runs. Still learning. Have not figured out how to direct Rover to where I need it to go without physically picking it up and putting it there. It is very dedicated to running its patterns. I am sure as I learn how to communicate better and Rover and I spend more time together I will be a very happy camper. Price was right and I do not regret this inmpulse ourchase. One thing I need to mention is that it’s height does not fit under some of my furniture.


 on May 27, 2018
By Janet
This is the greatest thing for me because the dog hairs are handled quite efficiently. Should have bought it a long time ago.

Review Of BLACK+DECKER HRV420BP07 SMARTECH Lithium Pet Robotic Vacuum
Review Of BLACK+DECKER HRV420BP07 SMARTECH Lithium Pet Robotic Vacuum

Review Of BLACK+DECKER HRV420BP07 SMARTECH Lithium Pet Robotic Vacuum

Review Of BLACK+DECKER HRV420BP07 SMARTECH Lithium Pet Robotic Vacuum